Should Derrick Rose Receive a Championship Ring if Chicago Bulls Win it All?

By Devin O'Barr

Derrick Rose has not played a single second for the Chicago Bulls thus far in 2013, but the team is still in great shape after a first-round victory over the Brooklyn Nets. Surely, there is some tough sledding for the Bulls to reach the pinnacle, but the possibility still remains that this rag-tag group could win the NBA title this year.

Since entering the league in 2008, Rose has been looked at as an angel who combated the streets of Chicago to play for his hometown team and at a very high level. After earning the Rookie of the Year, it looked more and more like the Bulls were blessed with another once-in-a-decade type of talent — even Michael Jordan has thrown praise at Rose without hesitation.

Rose continues to lead Bulls fans along, but we all know that No. 1 is nowhere near coming back to action. Before the Miami Heat series began, Rose was asked whether or not he feels he will be ready and in true arrogant fashion, he responded with “I might have a chance.”

Chicago faithful and Rose supporters across the globe hoping that he will comeback this postseason — don’t hold your breath.

If the Bulls are able to mount an uncanny run, would the organization be just in not giving Rose a championship ring? It would be perfectly okay for them to delay giving Rose the ring; in fact, the Bulls could even use reasons like sore thighs, muscle memory or just waiting until God is ready to hold off giving Rose the ring.

The professional thing to do would be to give Rose the ring with no questions asked, but the whole situation would cause an uproar for a multitude of reasons.

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