The Chicago Bulls Should Sign Chris Paul and Move Derrick Rose to SG

By gilgerard

Outside the box thinking typically generates a lot of criticism. This article probably will attract many people who disagree, and that’s okay. However, this is a move that makes sense no matter if you don’t agree with it which is fine because it’s crazy — I can admit that. The Chicago Bulls should sign Chris Paul this summer and move Derrick Rose into the shooting guard position. Let’s let that sink in a little bit, shall we? Okay, done.

Why? It’s simple. I’ve never looked at Rose as a true point guard and he’s gotten himself into trouble trying to rack up assists because that’s what a PG does, right? Facilitate the offense and make everyone else better? Well, that’s not D-Rose. He’s a scorer. It makes sense to run the offense THROUGH him opposed to him through someone else, right? Right. So why Paul? Well, that’s obvious. Paul is arguably the best true PG in the league, and with him getting Rose the ball, his ability to score and hit the three, why go through a post player? All of this makes Rose better. All of this makes the Bulls more dynamic and that’s EXACTLY what the Bulls lack — the ability to be dynamic.

So, I hear it now: “Gil! Derrick Rose is too small to play the two! What are you smoking, brother? You don’t know basketball! Blah blah blah.” Let’s take a look at a few things here.

Rose is 6’3″ and you absolutely lose some size. I can’t deny that. He would have a hard time matching up against a big guard; I can’t look past that fact. However, many people forget Rose is an above-average rebounding guard, and extremely fast. A few inches is something I’d be willing to give up here if it means the Bulls would become a major threat. Throw in the help of Joakim Noah around the rim and it’s worth the experiment. Let’s compare him to another small two guard: Dwyane Wade.

Wade is only 6’4″ but he’s been able to make a career and win multiple rings as a small guard. He’s never been a true PG and he isn’t that great an outside shooter so how did Wade build himself into a Hall of Fame shooting guard? His athleticism. The ability to get to the rim and the foul line. He can be one of the best mid-range shooters in the game and create his own shot off the dribble. He can run the wing on the fast break and be good enough to start the fast break off a turnover — get a rebound and go. Sound like Rose? Exactly. That IS Rose.

So how do you make this trade happen? Well, it’s simple: you have to trade Luol Deng and give the three spot to Jimmy Butler. Deng is overpaid and can’t carry the Bulls offensively. Butler can do everything Deng can while making WAY less so that makes sense.

The Bulls are going to have some cap room this summer (more if you trade Deng and trade/amnesty Boozer), so something crazy — outside the box thinking — could definitely happen. Paul could run the offense and Rose could still dominate the ball. It takes some pressure off Rose and frankly, I believe the Bulls would be a better basketball team. Right, wrong, or indifferent, the Bulls need to do something. It’s clear a team of “depth” can’t beat a team of superstars like the Miami Heat.

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