Boston Celtics Rumors: Blockbuster Trade With Los Angeles Clippers Reportedly Called "Absurd"

By Paul Seaver

On Monday morning, ESPN‘s Stephen A. Smith began some pretty crazy speculation in relation to a potential blockbuster deal between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Smith stated that scenarios are being looked into and this deal could include Celtics’ veteran stars Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett in exchange for Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Eric Bledsoe and the expiring contract of Caron Butler.

Oh, and Celtics head coach Doc Rivers was also rumored to be a part of this. And of course if you run to the ESPN NBA Trade Machine, the deal works — so, there’s your rumor. After a borderline uproar about more information and potential details began to circulate around Twitter, Smith tweeted this:

The lasting rumors around the Celtics and potential trades is nothing new to Boston fans. Remember, Ray Allen was reportedly on the trading block a year ago and of course, Rajon Rondo has been subject to plenty of rumors and speculation during his time in a Celtics’ uniform. But so too has Garnett and Pierce and the Clippers’ name has surfaced before.

So, we can understand the rumor. However, this simply seems a bit over the top.

The Clippers are hoping to add another piece to their whole Griffin-Chris Paul duo, not throw it away. But then again, would a trio of Garnett, Pierce and Paul be considered enough to contend for an NBA championship? Well maybe, but that’d also be assuming Paul would even be interested in re-signing with Los Angeles to boot.

Greg Dickerson of CSNNE in Boston stepped out in the public eye and credited his sources with the Celtics on Monday as well, tweeting:

Dickerson also tweeted later on Monday that he doesn’t believe Rivers is going anywhere, despite being linked in this hypothetical trade and to the current vacancy of the Brooklyn Nets organization.

Everything aside, things seem a bit premature — so let’s pump the brakes here. The Celtics’ season came to a close just last Friday and although decisions and moves are certainly be coming for Boston, it’s probably best to wait and see for some more realistic rumors.


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