Boston Celtics Should Part Ways with Paul Pierce

By Shannon Brown
Paul Piece Boston Celtics
Gary M. Cooper- USA Today Sports

Now that the Boston Celtics‘ postseason run is over, they have a lot of questions to answer in the off season. One of those questions is what to do with Paul Pierce, the Celtics captain and franchise player.

Pierce, who has been with the Celtics through many ups and downs, is going to be 36 when the new season starts, and he should be in a new uniform.

He has been a model team player he stuck with the Celtics when they were a bottom-feeding team. He watched the Celtics go through a 20-game losing streak, miss the playoffs, or get bounced in the first round many times.  Not once did he ever demand a trade or threaten to leave Boston. Instead, he stuck with his team, and was rewarded with an NBA title.

However, all good things must come to an end, and the time has come for the Celtics and Pierce to part ways.

Pierce struggled throughout the series against the New York Knicks, and it showed as he had the worst playoff statistics of his career. Guarded by Raymond Felton and Iman Shumpert, Pierce just couldn’t get it going in the series and missed shots that Celtics fans have become so accustomed to watching him make.

The Celtics have a couple of different options to do with Pierce: they can amnesty him, trade him or buy him out for$5 million. The best thing for the Celtics to do is trade him to a team that gives him a chance at making another run for the NBA championship.

This move allows Pierce to still compete at the highest level he can, but also allows the Celtics to get players in return to surround Rajon Rondo with.

Pierce has always maintained that he wants to retire in a Celtics jersey, but just last week, he said he realized that might no longer be a possibility. Danny Ainge also has expressed his desire to keep Pierce with the Celtics, but Ainge also realizes that he has to put players on the floor to keep this team competitive.

Unfortunately that means parting ways with Pierce.

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