East Bay Anguish: Why the Golden State Warriors Choke Job in Game 1 Is Nothing New To Oakland Fans

By Jorge Contreras

It happened again. Another epic loss. Why am I not surprised? The Golden State Warriors blew a 14 point lead in four minutes to eventually lose in double-overtime to the San Antonio Spurs (drinks a sip of whiskey, deep breath, deep breath, another shot of whiskey down, sigh).

In Game 6, against the Denver Nuggets, the Warriors almost blew the game, but wait, they held on. This was supposed to be the new Warriors, I guess they aren’t.

A few flashes raced through my mind as Jarret Jack’s three-point shot fell short at the end of the game. A routine fly ball to Oakland Athletics center fielder Coco Crisp dropped in the 2012 ALDS, Athletics outfielder Jeremy Giambi not sliding in the 2001 ALDS, the Oakland Raiders being robbed by the tuck-rule in snowy New England and now the choke job in San Antonio.

COCO drop
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Warriors had their chance to shock the sports world, with their first victory in San Antonio since slick Willy (Bill Clinton) was still in office in 1997. This was supposed to be the Warriors moment to get the momentum and take a one or two game series lead into the “Roaracle”.

Fan favorite Kent Bazemore had a chance to be the unlikely hero in Game 1 as he played perfect defense against Tony Parker to force a missed shot and a few seconds later he made what we all hoped was a game winning layup with 3.9 seconds left.

Of course, when you’re an east bay fan the villain always wins. Boom, a wide open three-pointer by the ageless Manu Ginoboli puts the dagger in our hearts.

This series is by no means over, but the sense of doubt has crept into many fans minds. Let’s hope that this was one small hiccup for our beloved Warriors.

Jorge Contreras is an Oakland Raiders writer for RantSports.comFollow Jorge on Twitter @jraycontreras

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