Phoenix Suns Forward Michael Beasley Again In Trouble With the Law

By Kris Hughes
Michael Beasley Phoenix Suns
Soobum Im – USA Today Sports Images

Some guys make a concerted effort to avoid future legal troubles when they continue to find them — when they just fall into issues time and time again. Phoenix Suns forward Michael Beasley is not one of these individuals.

Multiple reports have surfaced this afternoon that the troubled ex-Kansas State Wildcats product is being investigated for an alleged sexual assault on January 13, 2013.  The timing is horrible for Beasley — as little as that actually matters given the context of the pending investigation — given he had the worst statistical season of his career in 2012-2013, averaging only 10.1 points per game in about 20 minutes per contest after being signed by the Suns as a free agent.

Beasley’s legal troubles could fill a book and I won’t trouble you with rehashing them here — a simple Google search of his name plus the term arrest will gain you all you could ever need to know. Needless to say, the Suns aren’t the only organization that has had to deal with the dreadlocked lefty’s off-court indiscretions, but if you ask me, they should be the last.

The definition of insanity, after all, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The Suns should cut their losses, in cutting Beasley, while they can and let someone else take the risk if there’s a team left that believes the potential reward of doing so would be worth it, and I highly doubt that is the case, especially given the apparent severity of the alleged crimes Beasley committed.

Regardless of the eventual outcome, it’s yet another case of a talented athlete who can’t get out of their own way and wastes a talent that most of us day job grinders would give anything to have.

That disrespect of talent should be enough to ensure Beasley’s days in an NBA uniform are but a distant memory.

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