2013 NBA Playoffs: Miami Heat Must Stop In-Game Whining

By Richard Nurse
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

At times the Miami Heat seem bored with the game, but—besides that—fans have not had much to gripe about since they took over South Beach. However some of the Heat faithful have begun whispering about a certain problem that could hurt the team. Whining.

While the problem is nothing new, watching it spread is becoming a nuisance. Sort of like a league-wide epidemic that has infected every team and every player. And over the years two of the biggest offenders have been Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. But more so Wade, than James. He’s been the main culprit that fans have been chatting about.

I know we’ve all seen the old Wade commercial where he falls seven times and gets back up eight. The problem is he hasn’t been getting up lately—and that’s by choice.

Monday night was a great example. Every time Wade was hit he would spiral to the floor and then spend a few seconds stretched out for attention. What comes next is the cause for concern.

The jumping up and down, flailing his arms around, and then staring at the refs all led to him not getting back on defense. And that’s the part that James contributed to. While they would spend time complaining, the Chicago Bulls would be trotting down the court with a one or—at times—two-man advantage.

Poor Erik Spoelstra can be seen imploring them to run back, but what more can he do? Who can really tell those two what to do? Maybe Udonis Haslem can rough them up. Maybe Pat Riley can pull them aside. In any case, someone needs to stop the childish behavior before it hits Blake Griffin high.

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