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5 Reasons the Chicago Bulls Can Shock the World By Upsetting the Miami Heat

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The Chicago Bulls Can Upset the Miami Heat

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Led by guard Nate Robinson, the shorthanded Chicago Bulls finished strong, and defeated the defending NBA champion Miami Heat on Monday night. This was a very surprising win to many people. The Bulls have been without superstar point guard Derrick Rose all season, and are now playing without Luol Deng and Kirk Hinrich. It is safe to say they are very short handed at the moment.

The Bulls have had the most success against Miami in the NBA since LeBron James arrived at South Beach, going 9-8, including the playoffs. While that does not seem that great, it is a better winning percentage than any other team has had against Miami in that stretch.

The Bulls play harder than any team in the league, because their head coach Tom Thibodeau demands it out of them. Thibodeau is a defensive genius who constantly makes the right decisions on that end of the floor. When he has a group of guys that simply give it their all, like this squad, anything can happen.

The Bulls are getting amazing production from unlikely sources, like Robinson and second year guard Jimmy Butler. Robinson scored 27 points on Monday after receiving 10 stitches in his lip in the first half. Butler had 21 points and 14 rebounds, playing all 48 minutes. Butler also played outstanding defense on James. These guys were the stars of Game 1, but the great thing about the Bulls is you never know where it is coming from. They are very versatile and deep, allowing them to attack you in many different ways.

If you were to tell me that the Bulls could take down the Heat in a seven game series before Monday, I probably would not have agreed. After seeing Monday night's game, I think the Bulls have what it takes to stop the Heat. If they can just continue to do what they do best, I give Chicago a legitimate chance in this series. Here are my five reasons why.

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Inside Game

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Chicago is much better inside the paint than the Heat. Joakim Noah has taken his game to the next level this postseason, proving himself as one of the best centers in the NBA. Carlos Boozer has had an up and down career with the Bulls, but the guy is one of the best low post scorers in the league. Taj Gibson brings great energy off the bench, he is an outstanding defender and rebounder, plus he usually does not hurt you offensively.

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Tom Thibodeau

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Coach Thibodeau is one of the greatest minds in the game. He uses his players in the right way almost all of the time. If he has an advantage on the court, you can be sure that he will find it. He finds ways to get the absolute best out of his team at all times. Thibodeau is a big advantage for Chicago.

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Dwyane Wade Is Not What He Used To Be

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Now, do not get me wrong. Dwyane Wade is still a great player, but he is no longer a superstar. This is obviously now James' team and Wade has taken a back seat to the MVP. I think Wade still has talent, but some people think this is the same Dwyane Wade as usual. Just watch him play, he does not have the same explosiveness as he used to. He is still a smooth player, who can score in bunches, just not the way he used to.

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The Nate Robinson Factor

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This little guy can play. Robinson has been outstanding so far in the playoffs. He has always had this type of ability, but he has been an extremely hot and cold player. If he can continue playing like this, there may be no stopping the Bulls. He is an elite scorer when he is on.

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Will LeBron Choke?

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Last season when Miami won the title, James was no longer seen as a guy that chokes in big moments. While I think that he is probably past that, you just never know. Butler played great defense on James in Game 1 and if he frustrates the MVP enough, LeBron could disappear. While this may not be likely, this would be the biggest reason why the Bulls could pull off this unlikely upset.