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5 Reasons Why Golden State Warriors’ Guard Stephen Curry Is A Top 5 NBA Player

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Steph Curry Is A Top 5 Player In The NBA

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Nobody has taken a bigger step in their game during the 2013 NBA Playoffs than Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry. Curry is averaging 27.1 points and 9.6 assists per game, in the seven games the Warriors have played so far. Curry was huge for Golden State in the first round against the Denver Nuggets, hitting big shot after big shot, and in Game 1 against the San Antonio Spurs, Curry was lights out with 44 points on over 50 percent shooting, along with 11 assists.

Personally, I have always been a huge fan of Curry. He has such a smooth offensive game. Everybody knows that he is an amazing outside shooter, but I think the rest of his offensive arsenal is extremely under rated. To go along with the three-point shooting, Curry is also an elite ball handler, sets up his teammates very well and is a great finisher around the rim.

Curry's game does lack a bit on the defensive end at times, but that is to be expected for a guy his size (6'3'', 185 pounds). That being said, Curry is very scrappy on defense, constantly taking the ball away from opponents. He has averaged over a steal per game for his entire career and is averaging over two per game currently in the playoffs.

A big reason that Curry has reached superstar status in my eyes has to do with his ability in late game situations. He has no fear when it comes to taking the last shot for his team and does well setting up for his teammates when the opportunity is not there for himself. This is very key for a superstar and seems to be a dying trait in players of this era. There are still a handful of guys willing to put themselves out there to take the last shot, but there seems to be fewer than other eras. Curry is not gun shy in those moments, he will rise and fire at any time.

I think Curry is arguably the best player in the NBA when his team has the ball, and has definitely proven himself as a top five player in the league. Here are my five reasons why.

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Outiside Shooting

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Curry is the best shooter in the league in my opinion. He comes from a family full of good shooters, with his dad being Dell Curry, who was a 16-year NBA veteran, that was known exclusively as an outside shooter. Stephen has such a quick release on his shot that it is very tough to block and if he gets it off, good luck because chances are, it is going in.

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Since entering the league, Curry has really improved his passing. I was once unsure if he could actually play the point guard position in the NBA. Now, it is obvious this guy can set up his teammates as good as anybody. With his deadly shooting, Curry demands a lot of attention and it really helps his team a lot that he can hit the open man when needed.

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Curry is simply a magician with the ball in his hands. He fools defenders on a regular basis with his crossover move. Not only that, but Curry has elite speed allowing to leave the defenders in the dust on his way to the basket.

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Finishing Around The Hoop

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Many people think that because Curry is not a dunker, he cannot finish at the hoop. This is simply untrue. He is very creative when he is around the basket, using many moves effectively. Curry is extremely unpredictable while driving in the lane. He can effectively use both hands and will throw in a nice floater every so often.

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Clutch Shooting

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Curry has ice water in his veins. This guy does not back down from a challenge and has no problem taking the last shot for his team. There have been many times when the defense double and triple teams Curry in an end game situation, and he just calmly finds his shot and hits it.