Can Chicago Bulls Upset Miami Heat?

By andRe Christos Helios
Steve Mitchell-USA Today Sports

The Miami Heat opened up the second round of the 2013 NBA playoffs with a loss — at home.

They had just defeated the Milwaukee Bucks 4-0 in the first round. With enough time to rest, practice, and be prepared for their next opponent, the Heat didn’t seem ready at all. Of course, that was merely one game; nonetheless, that loss has increased the Chicago Bulls‘ confidence-that they can beat the Heat without Derrick Rose.

Tonight, Nate Robinson and the Bulls face off with LeBron James and the Heat again. The Heat-antagonizers want the Heat to lose again tonight and ultimately, the series. The daily double is this — can the Bulls upset the Heat? Can they actually win this series?

Okay, so they won the first game in James’ palace. They could win two more games and it would mean nothing. Why? They have to win four games in order to win this series.

Question — do you think King James is going to allow his team to be eliminated in the second round? Coming into Miami and winning Game 1 was the worst thing the Bulls could have done. Never mind upsetting the Heat; the Bulls have upset LeBron James. The man was just awarded his 4th MVP trophy and his team loses opening night?

Houston, we have a problem. Just imagine what’s going on in James’ head — the anger, the frustration. I expect LeBron to play like a beast tonight. He’ll probably put up 40 something points just to remind the Bulls that they’re playing the Heat and not the Brooklyn Nets. As far the rest of the series, the Heat will be back in the groove of things.

Can the Chicago Bulls upset the Miami Heat? No. Winning one game means nothing. There is talk circulating that Rose will play Game 3. The hype and hysteria is mounting. But if you know like I know, there is no competition for the Heat. The Bulls have to win the series, not a few games.

The Heat win Game 2 tonight and this series will go no further than six games. Just remember, I said it first.

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