Denver Nuggets’ George Karl Deserved to Win NBA Coach of the Year

By Cody Williams
George Karl Coach of the Year
Chris Humphreys – USA Today Sports Images

The Denver Nuggets were the three-seed in the Western Conference, but were upset in the first round of the NBA Playoffs by the Golden State Warriors in six games. After the conclusion of that series and the unexpected loss for the Nuggets, many people began to speculate about whether or not Denver head coach George Karl should keep his job.

In the midst of this speculation, though, came a bit of news that would make Karl losing his job seem a bit silly. On Wednesday morning, the league announced that Karl had been voted the NBA’s Coach of the Year, which would make explaining firing the Nuggets head coach quite the awkward conversation.

Despite the fact that the conversation is being had about his job security, Karl absolutely deserved to win the award. This isn’t an award that’s voted for based on whether a coach performed well on the postseason, but rather is based on how well a coach gets his team to perform over the course of the regular season.

Since that’s the case, it’s hard to argue that Karl did a remarkable job. He took a team that was in the middle of the pack last season and a few additions to that team and made them into the third best team in the West. They finished with an outstanding 57-25 record and that’s largely due to the fact that Karl was able to maximize his team’s strengths by setting up their offense to play at an extremely fast pace and attack the rim. That was Karl’s coaching that made this happen.

This Nuggets team didn’t have a single player on the All-Star team, but they were still able to earn the third seed in the West. Though there is a possibility that they would have been successful anyway, but Karl’s coaching and the institution of his offense helped maximize the talent on Denver. If it wasn’t for Karl, that likely wouldn’t have happened. Because of that, he deserved this award.

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