Indiana Pacers Look to Rebound at Home in NBA Playoffs

By J.M. Nicholas

Sometimes, the Indiana Pacers are a comedy of errors.

It’s hard to recall a team that looks so good on one night then seems to simply fall apart on other nights. The Indiana Pacers are one of the more talented teams in the NBA, but for several reasons, many of the fans around the league may not be aware of that fact. All season long, the Pacers have had a tendency to come up short in big games. Sometimes it seems that the Pacers barely show up at all.

Indiana only had a handful of nationally-televised games during the regular season, and even got bumped from a ESPN game at home in order for the network to show the Miami Heat. When the Pacers did get a chance to step into the spotlight, they had a tendency to shy away from it.

The Pacers made their biggest splash of the season on Sunday, when they soundly defeated the New York Knicks in game 1 of their NBA Playoffs series. Indiana had the chance to improve on the good buzz they had created, but instead allowed one of the biggest runs in NBA history on their way to a game two loss in New York.

The Pacers will once again have a chance to make some noise in game 3 on Saturday, when the series switches to Indiana. They have the talent, but they need to reload their swagger. If the Pacers don’t play up to their potential, then they will soon find themselves at home watching the NBA Playoffs, rather than participating.

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