Jrue Holiday Can Still Improve for Philadelphia 76ers

By Cody Williams
Jrue Holiday Philly
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Andrew Bynum and the melodrama that seems to constantly follow the prima donna center undoubtedly put a damper on the 2012-2013 NBA season for the Philadelphia 76ers. He went from being their potential franchise center, to having to miss some time with an injury, to re-injuring himself while bowling, to missing the entire season. It was a rough year for the Sixers.

Ultimately the 76ers finished the season with just a 34-48 record and definitely seemed like they had a lot of work to do after such a disappointing season. However, one thing that was made clear this season is that they definitely have a place to start getting things back on track. That place is their point guard, Jrue Holiday.

Holiday exploded this season to have undoubtedly the best year of his four-year career. He appeared and started in 78 games for Philadelphia and averaged 17.7 points, eight assists, 4.2 rebounds and 1.6 steals per game on 43.1 percent shooting and 36.8 percent three-point shooting. Though the Sixers as a whole experienced troubles, it was rarely the fault of Holiday.

However, despite his breakout season and the fact that he earned his first selection to the All-Star team, Holiday still has room to improve next season now that he has a full year of being the main guy on this 76ers team.

The first thing he can improve on is being able to consistently produce at a high level for an entire 82 game season. Though he had an overall impressive year, he trailed off at the end and even admitted that he wasn’t used to a whole season of having that kind of workload. For example, Holiday played nine games in April and averaged just 12.7 points, 4.2 assists, 3.3 rebounds and 1.2 steals per game on just 33.8 percent shooting and 32.3 percent three-point shooting. Those numbers are an obvious decrease from his season marks.

Another area where Holiday could stand to improve is with his ball-security. He averaged 3.7 turnovers per game this season and had a turnover rate of 12.6 percent. Though that’s not a terrible turnover rate, it’s not at an elite level, which is where the Sixers would like him to be playing going forward.

It seems like Holiday is on the right track to be one of the better point guards in the NBA after his 2012-2013 season. However, before he can be in that conversation, he has a couple of things that he needs to work on. If he does those things, though, the Sixers indubitably have a player that they can build a team around.

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