Lawrence Frank Would Be Good Choice As Next Charlotte Bobcats Coach

By John Raffel
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Chances are that if fired Detroit Pistons coach Lawrence Frank stays with the NBA, he will go to another team as an assistant.

But teams like the Charlotte Bobcats should not ignore guys like Frank, and others like Jim Boylan and Scott Skiles that have been fired.

The new coach of the Bobcats simply needs to be a teacher and motivator. The Bobcats will be young again and they don’t need a flamboyant coach. But they need someone who can help the young players make the transition from college to NBA and also be a game-by-game motivator. The reason Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers had more success than other first-year players was his ability to play all out every game, not just one or two games a week

Young players still have major problems going from a 40-game college slate to the 82-game NBA schedule. Observers forget the demanding rigors of the NBA compared to the NCAA and figure out why certain rookies struggle.

Frank is the type of guy who understands this and has enough patience with the young players to be demanding, although not too pushy. His problem in Detroit was not with the young players but with the veterans who thought they knew it all when they actually knew very little.

Take away Frank’s Detroit fiasco and he still has an impressive coaching record. He would actually do a good job at Charlotte and could get the Bobcats to the .500 mark within a year or two. The Bobcats have to buy into that philosophy, however, and that could be a stumbling block.

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