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Top 5 Potential Landing Spots For Chris Paul

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Top 5 Places Chris Paul Could End Up In Free Agency

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Chris Paul has done the unthinkable. He turned the Los Angeles Clippers into a championship contending team. Paul was outstanding during the 2012-13 season and it was still not enough to get out of the first round of the playoffs.

As a free agent this offseason, Paul has to consider his options. Obviously, the Clippers can offer him the most money, and there is plenty of talent on that team. But does CP3 have questions about Blake Griffin being anything more than a highlight reel like I do? It is hard to say, but if he does, he has to question whether or not the Clippers are the team for him.

Paul is only 28 years old, but there are a lot of miles on those legs, not to mention, he is playing on a surgically repaired knee. Paul has spent most of his career with the New Orleans Hornets, where he was not surrounded by much of a supporting cast and never made it deep in the playoffs.

Obviously, a guy with as much talent as Paul can pretty much hand pick where he wants to go. As the best point guard in the NBA, teams will be lining up at his door, trying to pay for his services. If Paul decides to leave LA, whichever team he chooses will instantly become much better.

Paul is an elite talent in this league and deserves a run at a title before it is all said and done. I think he needs to seriously evaluate whether the Clippers are a team built to do that, and if he thinks they are not, he needs to move on. Here are five teams that I can see the superstar point guard ending up with this offseason.

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Los Angeles Clippers

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The Clippers are the most obvious landing spot for Paul. They can offer him the most money as a returning free agent and they have assembled a good supporting cast around him. I think there is a solid chance he returns, but he would be foolish not to weight other options, especially if he feels like the Clippers are going nowhere.

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New York Knicks

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CP3 would love the bright lights of New York City and the New York Knicks have a hole at the point guard position. Not to mention, that he and Carmelo Anthony are very good friends. The biggest hurdle here would be the Knicks having to clear enough cap space.

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Dallas Mavericks

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Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been a long time admirer of CP3. Cuban is also known to make a big splash when possible. The biggest splash available this offseason is the signing of Chris Paul. After a disappointing season, Dallas should be looking to improve their team. Paul instantly makes them a contender again.

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Atlanta Hawks

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This one does seem a little unlikely, but the Atlanta Hawks have always shown a very high interest in Paul. With a talented roster including Al Horford and Josh Smith, CP3 might just be what the Hawks need to finally take the next step.

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Los Angeles Lakers

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Now this would be interesting. If Paul bolts the Clippers in favor of the Los Angeles Lakers, it will simply feel like a kick in the gut to Clippers fans. Paul has said that he loves Los Angeles, but if he does not feel like the Clippers will be contenders, maybe he stays in LA to play with Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.