2013 NBA Playoffs: Miami Heat Need Chris Bosh To Step Up

By Vytis Lasaitis
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The first six games of the 2013 NBA Playoffs have not been kind to Chris Bosh. Superstars generally take on more minutes and a bigger offensive role in the postseason, but that has simply not been the case for Bosh.

Thus far in the playoffs, Bosh is taking less shots and scoring just 12.2 points per game. He has been quite solid defensively, but Bosh needs to be a prominent offensive weapon for this Miami Heat team to win another championship.

Now, Bosh has not been horrendous offensively and his reduced scoring numbers are obviously affected by the fact that he is only playing 30 minutes per game right now. Still, against the Chicago Bulls he has looked a little lost on the offensive end.

Having Joakim Noah guarding him certainly does not help Bosh, and the Bulls’ defensive mastermind has gotten the best out of the matchup so far. In the first two games of the second round, Bosh is shooting 40 percent from the field and scored 13 and nine points in each contest.

A one-on-one play that Bosh had against Noah in Game 2 summed up his offense so far. Bosh got the ball in the mid-range area on the right wing–one of his sweet spots.

Usually, Bosh is very decisive in these types of situations. He never hesitates to pull up for the shot if his defender sags off, which is exactly what Noah did on the particular play. Instead, Chris opted for a shot fake which Noah didn’t bite on and Bosh ended up moving the ball elsewhere.

The fact that Bosh has not been automatically taking those types of shots shows that he might have lost a little confidence in his shot. It seems as though every time he does pull up, Noah or whoever is guarding him contests the shot, whereas when he is wide-open he hesitates.

Miami is coming off a blowout victory in Game 2, but make no mistake, Bosh needs to play significantly better moving forward.


Vytis is a Miami Heat and NBA columnist for RantSports. You can follow him on Twitter here: @VytisLasaitis

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