Boston Celtics Should Try and Trade Jason Terry Before His Value is Gone Completely

By Cody Williams
Jason Terry Celts
David Butler II – USA Today Sports Images

The Boston Celtics were able to make the NBA Playoffs this past season, despite losing Rajon Rondo midway through the season. However, they were eliminated in the first round by the New York Knicks and now face a tumultuous off-season where they will have a plethora of difficult front office decisions to make regarding the future of the franchise.

The two most obvious and probably the two biggest decision that they will have to makes is what to do with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. Both Garnett and Pierce still have time left on their contracts, but they are both in their late 30s and are on the downside of their careers. The team has to decide which one of the two, if either, that they want to keep so that they can get some cap-flexibility.

Another decision that the Celtics should make, or at least try to make, is see if they can deal Jason Terry this summer. After losing Ray Allen last off-season, the Celtics brought in Terry to be their premier shooter and also to be a guy to provide them with offense off of the bench. Terry never really proved to be that guy this season.

Terry seemed to have noticeably lost a step this season and seriously struggled to get open and to get off open looks. This forced him to have the second worst season of his career, averaging just 10.1 points, 2.5 assists and two rebounds per game on only 43.4 percent shooting and 37.2 percent three-point shooting.

Though he had gained the reputation as one over his career, Terry was hardly a reliable scorer for Boston this season like they needed him to be. Given that, the Celtics need to test the trade market this off-season and see if a team is willing to take a gamble on Terry. If not, it’s likely going to be another frustrating season for Celtics fan as they have to watch Terry play.

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