Dallas Mavericks Should Not Re-Sign Mike James

By Cody Williams
Mike James Mavericks
Jerome Miron – USA Today Sports Images

The Dallas Mavericks will be looking to restructure their roster during the off-season after they failed to make the NBA Playoffs in the 2012-2013 season. Part of the reason they failed to make the postseason is because they were without Dirk Nowitzki for over one-fourth of the season, but it was also because the team simply didn’t have the firepower to make a move at the end of the year. They will obviously be looking to change that.

They will have tough decisions to make regarding the future of O.J. Mayo with the team, a guy who kept the Mavericks at least semi afloat when Nowitzki was out of the lineup. They will also need to start making decisions about what to do with Dirk over the next few years. However, one of the easiest decisions that the organization will have to make is what to do with veteran guard Mike James.

The 37-year-old James played in 45 games for Dallas this season and averaged 19.2 minutes per game. He put up 6.1 points, 3.1 assists and 1.6 rebounds per game, but shot just 37.3 percent from the field and shot a decent 38.4 percent from three. James also played valuable minutes in lieu of Darren Collison at various times throughout the year.

However, James didn’t display any amazing traits this season and looked slow at times. Considering that he will turn 38 years old this month, those things aren’t going to get better or change. James did some nice things for the Mavericks this season, but as he enters free agency, the team needs to just let him walk.

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