Denver Nuggets: The Excuses Are Flowing

By Joe Morrone
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It’s been a week since the Denver Nuggets lost in the first-round of the NBA Playoffs to the Golden State Warriors, and I think I’m more annoyed now then I was in the minutes following Game 6.

It’s unbelievable to me how the Nuggets just skate and are not held accountable. Now of course there are extremes on both sides, but I am referring to the general attitude of the fans, the media and the team. The excuses flow around this team like beer during a Friday Happy Hour.

This one is my favorite: ‘The Warriors are a really good team, look what they are doing to the San Antonio Spurs.’ First of all, the Warriors have not beaten the Spurs yet, although they are playing well. The Nuggets had home court advantage and were favored to win the series; you can’t go backwards and say its okay the Nuggets loss because the Warriors are a great team.

Also, don’t tell me it was a bad matchup. It’s the playoffs — every team is good.

The Baltimore Ravens went onto win the Super Bowl after upsetting the Denver Broncos, but that is still considered a choke job by the Broncos. There are still people who want heads to roll because of that January loss by the Broncos. The Nuggets, however, get another free pass.

‘The injury to Danilo Gallinari really hurt the Nuggets.’ There’s no doubt that they could have used Gallinari’s outside shot, but the Warriors lost their best rebounder in David Lee and still out-rebounded the Nuggets. Injuries happen, and good teams overcome them and find a way to win. I wasn’t expecting the Nuggets to win the NBA Title, but I did expect them to win a series.

Then there’s ‘give this group another year and see what happens.’ That’s an oldie but a goodie, and we’ve been hearing this one for 10 years now. What leads anyone to believe that the playoffs of 2014 are going to be any different? I would love to hear what people are basing that on?

Yes, I know they are the youngest team in the league, that’s another excuse. Young or not, they were favored to win the first-round series and failed to do so.

This is the Nuggets 2013-14 season: win 55-58 games, get people excited that this season is different and then lose to a lower seed despite having home-court advantage. I’m really not trying to be a downer, but history tells us this is going to happen, and people will fall for it again. I’m also not criticizing those people because you know what, I fall for it every year.

There are a fair amount of people who are calling for George Karl, who just won the NBA Coach of the Year, to be fired, but there are many more on the other side. I see both sides but there’s one thing I do know: if the Broncos lose in the divisional round of the playoffs again, people will be demanding that John Fox be fired.

You know what, they would be right, but the Nuggets lose in the first round every year and Karl returns.

In the end, I just don’t understand how the Nuggets can do the same thing every year and yet no one holds anyone accountable? I’m not talking about people calling into a talk show demanding this or that; I’m talking about real action. Since 2009, the Nuggets have lost 13 out of 14 road playoff games, which is inexcusable. They should win more than that by accident — some of that record is coaching.

I’ve always been a fan of Karl, but how many seasons have to end in a playoff disaster before a change is made? As great as he is in the regular season, Karl is borderline terrible in the playoffs. He just got out-coached by Mark Jackson, who has been coaching for about five minutes.

I don’t have the answers but do something different … anything. I wonder what the excuses will be at this time next year? It’s something to look forward to I guess, because I know I won’t be watching the Nuggets in the second round.

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