Orlando Magic Needs To Provide Nikola Vucevic With More Defensive Help

By John Raffel
Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

As the Orlando Magic and others wait for the lottery to find out where they’ll pick in the NBA draft, the question remains on whom the team will pick depending on the order.

Many think the Magic have more of a need on their perimeter game and that the incredible inside play of Nikola Vucevic means they should be looking at another part of their game.

Vucevic certainly gives the Magic incredible inside power at 13.1 points and 11.09 rebounds a game with his figures from a year ago. But he’ll find it tougher next season to be as dominant since his reputation has grown. He’s going to need some defensive help.

But the Magic could be well advised to take the burden off Vucevic and have another inside player all set to make huge contributions. The NBA doesn’t live by one tough inside player alone. Inside the paint, the Magic need more enforcers. Vucevic is only a start.

If the Magic go for an outside player like Ben McLemore rather than 6-11, 225 Nerlens Noel, they’ll have to look for a trade or for a free agent to shore up that inside and make it tough to stop.

Young teams like the Magic, who have horrible seasons in 2012-13, can only bounce back if they improve defensively. Vucevic didn’t have a poor defensive season. In fact, he had an impressive one. But the more solid defensive players that are in the Magic lineup, the better chance they have of returning to playoff contention status. It’s going to take awhile, however.

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