Philadelphia 76ers Players Want Michael Curry Promoted to Head Coach

By Andy Schmidt
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia 76ers are still looking for a new head coach, but it appears that the players have a certain person in mind.

Jrue Holiday came out this week and said that the team should promote assistant coach Michael Curry. That sentiment was echoed by Evan Turner as well and while the input of the players is a very important factor these days, I’m not sure that making Curry the head coach would be the best idea.

Curry has been a head coach in the NBA before with the Detroit Pistons just five years ago. He survived only one year with a 39-43 record. I wouldn’t want to go with a coach like that. I understand that Holiday and Turner respect Curry and what he has done for them, but you have to look outside the organization for this one.

Philadelphia was 34-48 this past season and while you can blame Doug Collins for that and his coaching, the team was still bad overall.

The idea of promoting from within is a point of contention with many people. Could it help the 76ers become a playoff team again? That is always possible since they are familiar with Curry, but it would be better to just get a new coach in there and start fresh.

It won’t make Holiday and Turner very happy, but it sounds like something necessary to me. There is just too much authority given to the players these days in making major decisions instead of the owner or general manager. I trust they will make the right decision, and that means not promoting Curry.

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