Questioning Luol Deng's Toughness Is Completely Ignorant

By Devin O'Barr
Luol Deng with Derrick Rose
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

It’s hard to believe that some Chicago Bulls fans still look down upon Luol Deng, however the morons of the bunch should take a back seat considering the excruciating pain that the Bulls small forward has been forced to play through. Deng is hardly a wimp, and after leading the entire NBA in regular season minutes, the prototypical “glue guy” has reportedly lost 15 pounds since being hospitalized with meningitis symptoms this postseason.

NBA fans all remember when the Bulls forward was crucified for a stress fracture in his lower leg back in 2009 — the initial response was that Deng was a wimp, but as the facts came flying in those same fans would be eating crow.

After healing from that injury, Deng has been incredibly consistent with a career average of 16.o points per game and 6.4 rebounds per contest. Deng was widely underrated early in his career, but with his stellar defense on LeBron James getting more notoriety and two All Star appearances under his belt it’s clear that Deng is appreciated league wide.

An overlooked part of Deng’s game is his passing. Early in his career, he fell into the same trap that many young players do and shot bad percentage shots instead of passing for a better look. With a career-high 3.0 assists per game in 2013, it’s safe to say that the Sudan-native has matured tenfold.

The rubber will hit the road when next season comes to pass, as Deng’s contract is up and he will be a free agent for the first time in his career. With plenty of question marks I would be irate if the Bulls did not bring Deng back considering all that he does to help Chicago win on a consistent basis.

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