Tyreke Evans Remains Fan Favorite For Sacramento Kings

By John Raffel
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Tyreke Evans produced very well for the Sacramento Kings at guard during this past season and Kings’ management have to be looking at getting some more depth at the guard position to give Evans rest during the NBA regular season and to also prevent defenses from playing special attention.

Many teams would consider DeMarcus Cousins to be Sacramento’s most dangerous player. That’s probably true, but Evans can be loaded dynamite for the opposition on any night.

He’s an exciting player to watch, which is among the reasons the Kings fans can celebrate the likely scenario that the franchise is staying in Sacramento.

Evans averaged 15.2 points, 4.4 rebounds and 3.5 assists per game for the Kings. He averaged 31 minutes a game and shot 47.8 percent from the floor, 33.8 percent in three-pointers and 77.5 percent in free throws.

Of his four NBA seasons, this was Evans’ best in terms of shooting. It was his poorest in most statistical categories. But he still will have impressive numbers. What Evans wants to see is the talent base grow in Sacramento so that his own personal averages aren’t as important as the number of wins the Kings are enjoying.

For Sacramento, Evans has become a fixture of sorts, now that he’s put in four solid seasons of production. The Kings appeared all but certain to be headed for Seattle, as of three months ago. But the fans rallied to get their team to stay and it appears they have been successful. Players like Evans can now establish themselves as leaders both on and off the court for Sacramento fans.

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