A Look At The History Of Phil Jackson

By Christopher Brown
Phil Jackson Honoring His Champion Center
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In approximately four weeks, the 2013 NBA season will come to a resolution. Soon, there will be little for basketball fans to look forward to outside of booing David Stern on draft day and summer league games featuring guys that stayed in college but likely not to step foot on a NBA floor.

Yet all of that is far more exciting then an offseason of speculation as to where Phil Jackson will come out of his fourth retirement for another run at more “bling”.

Jackson won six titles with Hall of Famers Micheal Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman as the Chicago Bulls‘ Zen Master. He later won five more in two stints with future inductees, Kobe Byrant and Shaquille O’Neal as the Los Angeles Lakers‘ babysitter and locker room referee.

Jackson is doubt a very talented basketball man. However, teams looking to lure Jackson of out of flip flops to transform mediocrity into ring ceremonies are simply trying to convince season ticket holders to hold on.

Or, they haven’t actually read Jackson’s resume.

The Brooklyn Nets contracted the one-time New York Knicks forward to fill the vacancy left by then head coach, P.J. Carlismo. The organization passed on a contract extension for Carlismo, who blew a seven-game first round playoff series at home to the Bulls.

The relocated franchise determined to stay relevant were turned down by Jackson, who reiterated that he was no longer interested in coaching — a claim Jackson made after his previous four retirements.  Jackson expressed interest in returning New York in the past, but the Nets were politely reminded that Brooklyn ain’t New York.

Jackson is the NBA answer to the “The Wolf” — the Pulp Fiction character called in to clean up a bloody mess … for an enormous fee. Any team without the next Jordan, two Lebron James and a Shaq would would have to forfeit a blank check for a cup of coffee and a “no thank you”.

And, with passing of his long-time assistance Tex Winter, any team looking for someone that actually coaches may too want to reconsider.

A Phil Jackson team is a team of should and would-be champions. He bypasses crucial drafts and growing pains for a timely ride to maturing superstars. Once those players, or his act, gets old, his rides continues to the mountains of Montana.

Jackson’s agent, Todd Musburger, insists that Jackson only wants to hold a front office position in an advisory role with a NBA team. In other words. The opportunistic Ring Master wants to continue to delegate.

This could be good news for young coaches out there. With Jackson sitting this one out, maybe teams in need of a leader can finally get creative.


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