Chicago Bulls Must Limit Turnovers To Compete With Miami Heat

By Devin O'Barr
Bulls and Heat fight
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Although the first half of game two versus the Miami Heat went rather well for the Chicago Bulls, the second half was the worst performance in recent memory for the legendary black and red. In particular, the ejections of both Taj Gibson and Joakim Noah made this half of NBA basketball laughable at best.

The stampede for the Heat began going into the second half, and the biggest reason that Miami was able to sustain such a run was because of their tenacious ability to turn the ball over. A revealing statistic coming from the first two games is that the Heat have generated 50 points off 32 Bulls turnovers — forcing the Bulls to make a mistake and then capitalizing on it is what the Heat have done so well since LeBron James came to town.

With the freakish athlete James intercepting passes like a defensive back by reading plays like a middle linebacker, it’s no myth who creates the bulk of Miami’s turnovers. Either way, other players on the Heat roster are able to take gambles when necessary and force a non-cohesive Bulls team to play excessively sloppy.

If the Bulls want to win game three they must focus on keeping a flow on offense like they did in game one. Nate Robinson is not a point guard by nature, however it is now his job to have something manilla on the offensive side of the ball. With a chicken scratch offensive game plan the Bulls will get run out of their own gym, but if they value each possession like they have in games prior, Chicago will be in the driver’s seat 2-1.

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