John Salmons Elated Sacramento Kings Won't Be Moving

By John Raffel
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings have been a true home for John Salmons in his NBA career and the 11-year veteran was probably as happy as anyone that steps have been made to keep the Sacramento franchise in the NBA.

Salmons has had some excellent years in Sacramento, especially his first stint with the Kings. He’s a veteran face with the franchise and a crowd pleaser. The fans in Sacramento will especially be happy they’ll see Salmons in action next year. Salmons did not want to go to Seattle and have a home team where the fans know little about him and didn’t really appreciate him, like they do in Sacramento.

But one needs to wonder how the Sacramento Kings will use him for next season.

Salmons might not admit this, but he appears to be at the twilight of his career. For the Milwaukee Bucks, during the 2011-12 season, he was at 35 minutes, 14.0 points, 3.6 rebounds and 3.5 assists a game.

But his last two seasons with the Kings have been a struggle. He played in 46 games during the NBA lockout shortened season in 2011-12 and only averaged 7.5 points per game. This season, he got slightly better with 30.0 minutes per game, 8.8 points per game, 2.7 rebounds per game and 2.0 assists per game. His best season came in Sacramento for 2008-09 when he averaged 37.4 minutes, 47.2 percent field goal shooting and 18.3 points per game. His best basketball is probably behind him, but Salmons should plan on a hard summer of work and the result could be more solid production for the Kings next year.

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