Phoenix Suns Should Trade Michael Beasley, If Any Team Would Take Him

By Cody Williams
Michael Beasley Suns
Howard Smith – USA Today Sports Images

The Phoenix Suns need to majorly restructure their roster as they head into the off-season. This is a team that finished with the fourth worst record in the entire NBA. They also have a roster that was haphazardly assembled with no purpose, which showed as they took the court over the course of the 82 game season.

Phoenix has already made the wise move of bringing in Ryan McDonough as their new general manager, a young fresh face in the front office that is well-versed in management and in advanced basketball metrics. Now McDonough and the rest of the front office will have to try and re-work their roster into something that resembles a quality basketball team.

The first thing they should explore before anything else this off-season is whether or not they can rid themselves of Michael Beasley on the trade market. The Suns brought in Beasley last off-season, signing him to three-year $18 million contract, despite the fact that he had under-performed and caused problems throughout his entire career.

He continued that trend of not being anything close to an asset with the Suns this season. Appearing in 75 games for Phoenix and being on the floor for 20.7 minutes per game, Beasley averaged only 10.1 points, 3.8 rebounds and 1.5 assists on abysmal 40.5 percent shooting from the field and only 31.3 percent shooting from long range. Moreover, he always seemed to take an awful shot at an even worse moment in the game.

With two more years remaining on Beasley’s contract, it’s obvious that he isn’t going to help the team going forward and shouldn’t be a part of the team’s future. He’s not going to help them re-build the franchise, so they should look to see if he can be traded. The only problem is that there aren’t likely to be many buyers for the 24-year-old. Unless a near-miracle happens and some team wants to take a chance on him, the Suns are likely going to be stuck with Beasley for at least one more season.

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