Chicago Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau Receives Hefty Fine From NBA

By Hollie M. Woods
Mike DiNovo/ USA TODAY Sports

Coach Tom Thibodeau is one of several Chicago Bulls to find holes in his pocket and he’s out a hefty fine. On Sunday, Thibodeau was fined a whopping $35,000 by the NBA for comments that were critical of the officiating in the Bulls’ loss, 104-94, to the Miami Heat in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

In answering questions from reporters, Coach Thibodeau accused LeBron James of flopping and defended Nazr Mohammed by saying that he should not have been ejected. “We’re not going to get calls,” Thibodeau stated.  “That’s a reality.”

Coach Thibodeau was obviously frustrated by the fact that the Heat took 30 free throws to Chicago’s 25, they were called for only 20 fouls to Chicago’s 30, and Nazr Mohammed was ejected after shoving LeBron James following a tie-up of the two.

“We’re aware of what’s going on (and) we’ll adjust accordingly,” the disgruntled coach added.

The usually stoic Coach Thibodeau was clearly trying hard not to make negative remarks about the refereeing, as he measured his words carefully. This is one time that he clearly felt the need to call things the way he saw them.

Does the NBA want their coaches to wear blinders and muzzles? It would seem that the league would welcome honest, constructive critiques of the practices of their officials. Isn’t that The American Way?

According to a spokesperson for the Chicago Bulls, Thibodeau has no further comments and is focusing on the next playoff game.

Game 4 is on Monday at the United Center in Chicago.

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