Los Angeles Clippers Should Pursue Phil Jackson As Head Coach

By John Raffel
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Clippers could take the boldest move ever made in the NBA by firing Vinny Del Negro as head coach, and offering Phil Jackson a blank check to take over and coach the team.

True, it probably won’t happen; the reason it won’t occur is that it makes too much sense.

Why shouldn’t the Clippers pursue Jackson? Other teams are doing so and the prevailing thought is that Jackson would prefer staying in the West Coast. He certainly must feel encouraged with the talent the Clippers have, especially if Chris Paul comes back for an extended period.

Teams like Jackson because he’s an excellent playoff coach. He’s what the Clippers need. It’s one thing to win a divisional title, but it’s another accomplishment to win the entire NBA.

Jackson could enjoy sweet revenge on the Los Angeles Lakers or not giving him the job awhile back after Mike Brown was fired. But this is a way for Jackson to move on but still stay in the city he adores.

It’s not unusual for coaches to change teams within a city of a professional sport. Bill Parcells did it in New York.

The Clippers have to realize that if they’re going to seriously contend for an NBA title, they need more than just talent. They need a coach who can take that talent all the way to the title. That’s why Jackson fills the bill is so many ways. The Clippers couldn’t go wrong if they made him an offer he could not refuse.

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