Sacramento Kings Could Use Point Guard Like Michael Carter-Williams

By John Raffel
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Talk of whether the Sacramento Kings will stay in California or move to Seattle is expected to finally end this week when the NBA owners make their choice.

Then the Kings, or the Sonics, or whichever team it wants to be, can decide on whom to take in the 2013 draft. There are several areas the Kings need to improve in, and that makes this a key draft for them.

The focus is obviously on the top five-or-six picks. Prior to the lottery that will finalize the final list, speculation is that the Kings could be sixth or seventh. One name being mentioned as a candidate that could help Sacramento in the areas the Kings need most is Michael Carter-Williams, the 6-foot-6 point guard from Syracuse.

Observers consider Carter-Williams as more of a natural-point-guard type of player who has the instincts to fit the position. His shooting is suspect but the thought is that he’ll be able to hit well enough to make him a capable NBA player. But he’s likely to be the best available point guard when it’s Sacramento’s turn and that’s the player the Kings will value.

Carter-Williams gained plenty of attention after leading Syracuse to the Final Four. He led the team in minutes per game at 35.2, a very significant stat considering college games last 40 minutes. He was also fifth in the nation with 7.3 assists per game and also 11.9 points per game.

He was highly regarded by Syracuse as the heart to a team that was 30-10. He has those leadership qualities the Kings would be able to use to fill in critical gaps at point guard.

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