Seattle Group Sweetens Offer To Move Sacramento Kings Franchise

By John Raffel
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe it will be basketball playing in Seattle in the NBA next season and not the Sacramento Kings.

The group headed by Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer, who want to buy the Kings from the Maloof family and move it to Seattle, are throwing more money into the deal in order to convince NBA owners to soften their stand of changing franchises and allowing the team to move to the northwest.

Hansen announced on Friday he would spend more money to buy the Maloof’s 65 percent of the team for a total valuation of $625 million, according to reports. Adding money to that proposal could provide more money per team. That’s a prospect that will draw the owners’ attention.

The NBA relocation committee has reportedly scheduled another meeting to examine this new offer from Hansen and Ballmer. Tuesday, the NBA owners are scheduled to meet and decide on whether the Kings will stay or go to Seattle.

The relocation committee has gone on record as favoring that the franchise stay in Sacramento. But that was before this new offer came out. It shows that the Seattle group is serious about bringing pro basketball back to that area

It appears a slight edge still favors having the franchise stay in Sacramento. But if the Seattle group continues to sweeten the pot, there’s always a chance of a stunning reversal by the owners. Having an NBA franchise in Seattle makes plenty of sense. But the Sacramento Kings still seem to be in the driver’s seat as far as staying in California.

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