2013 NBA Playoffs: Chicago Bulls Struggle from Floor in Game 4

By M. Quann Boyd
Mike DiNovo USA Today Sports

Chicago, IL. The Mad House on Madison.

In a second-round series that’s pitted Heart versus Talent between Games 2 and 3, i.e., the Miami Heat has won out over the injury-depleted Chicago Bulls. Despite all the heart and will of Nate RobinsonJokim NoahJimmy BulterCarlos Boozer and Marco Belinelli, they have come up short. Game 4 is no exception.

With Luol DengKirk Hinrich and Derick Rose all out, and the former cast of ER not being able to put the Chicago stars back together again, it’s a testament to Chicago’s head coach Tom Thibodeau‘s pedigree that the depleted squad made it past the Brooklyn Nets in their first-round series, let along beat the Heat in Miami in Game 1.

Game 4 for the Bulls has resembled the previous two games, minus the WWE-style fisticuffs, as the Heat jumped out to an early first quarter lead as the Bulls shots continued to do everything but go into the basket with the team going 1 for 12 from the field to start the game. To compound the problems the Bulls faced early on in the contest, they also settled for one too many jump shots as well as allowing Lebron James and the Heat with plenty of open lanes to the hoop, on top of Miami’s stifling defense that prevented the short-handed Bulls from getting in the paint.

The Bulls shooting woes and offensive ineptness didn’t get any better over the course of the match-up the Bulls finished the game shooting 25% from the field, the lowest the Chicago franchise has shot in playoff history. With a 3-1, the defending champs have the Bulls on the ropes. Unless the Bulls can call on Hera for strength, it appears that we might be seeing the end of another fascinating series between two squads that begrudgingly respect one another.

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