Chicago Bulls: Derrick Rose Will Not Be Bullied

By Hollie M. Woods
Debby Wong – USA TODAY Sports

During Round 1 of the Eastern Conference Playoffs, it was reported on this site that CBS Chicago asked frustrated Chicago Bulls fans to write open letters to Derrick Rose for the purpose of bullying the star into playing. It didn’t work. Rose has stood his ground.

At the time the bullying began, CBS Chicago provided a space on their web page for Bulls fans to vent their feelings to Rose. The station initially requested that “frustrated” fans “yell at him, plead with him (and) convince him” as this was their time to say whatever they wanted to Derrick Rose. That terminology has since been removed from the CBS Chicago website.

Instead, the station has replaced its exhortation with a sampling of letters it received. Some letters were downright nasty. Others were idiotic in their comparison of Rose to other players who have had the same injuries and subsequent surgeries (as if all ACL injuries are identical in severity, and all surgeons and surgeries are the same). A third of the letters, however, were from fans that supported Rose.

If Rose ever read any of these letters, you would never know it. To this day, he continues with his rehabilitation plan. He practices with the team and supports his teammates from the bench during every game.

The bullies did not win this one. As mentioned earlier, CBS Chicago has posted a second letter with the encouragement to vent eliminated. The score: Rose 1, Bullies 0.

Here’s one last thought – a tweet from Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte in support of Derrick Rose:

Until you’ve played at a professional level after knee surgery then you can speak on D. Rose situation. If not shhhhhhh #silence

— Matt Forte (@MattForte22) May 11, 2013

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