Iman Shumpert Claims He Is Playing in Game 4: Should New York Knicks Take Caution?

By Devin O'Barr
iman Shumpert fights for a lose ball
Tom Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Whenever a conversation about a possible return of Derrick Rose unfolds, the fact that Iman Shumpert tore his ACL the very same day usually gets brought up by some Chicago Bulls fan. Rose and Shumpert are not the same person, however the New York Knicks‘ role player has been back since January 17th while Rose remains out of action. The easy narrative of bashing Rose may have taken a turn if Shumpert’s injury to his surgically repaired ACL is serious whatsoever.

It’s just like the Knicks to idiotically bring back Shumpert prematurely, but it’s far too early in the injury examination process to say that this is a cause of an early return. Anyone who has torn such ligament knows that the rehabilitation process is full of tricks, and the injury has ravaged plenty of NBA careers throughout the years. Shumpert has said it is just precautionary and asserts that “in my mind, I’m playing.”

Hopefully this makes a few Bulls fans understand the bigger picture, because as bad as I would like to see Rose back, the timing might just not be right — once again, that is Rose’s decision to make and the explanation from him and his camp has been handled with the utmost arrogance. Either way, the Knicks are in a world of hurt if this holds back Shumpert for an extended period of time because he is the future of the Knicks.

Sure, Carmelo Anthony is the franchise right now, but looking at this team the only player who I would even moderately want on my squad is Shumpert — the age on the Knicks is an eyesore, so losing Shumpert would make this team entirely over the hill.

Somehow a majority of the premature, foolish and devastatingly bad decisions that are made in the four major sports are made by teams based out of New York — go figure.

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