That's a Wrap: Courtney Lee

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, Courtney Lee
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

To say that Boston Celtics guard Courtney Lee had an awful season might actually be an understatement. The dude was downright terrible this year. He knows it, head coach Doc Rivers knows it, and the whole city of Boston knows it. It was a happy day in Boston this past summer for Celtics fans after learning the team acquired Lee from the Houston Rockets for the JaJuan Johnson pu-pu platter. On a side note, has anyone else realized just how awful of a pick the Johnson selection was by GM Danny Ainge? Granted they were picking near the end of the first round so it is always a crap shoot, but think of the guys the team could have selected instead. Chandler Parsons, Jimmy Butler, and Norris Cole were all available. Cole is not a great player, but he has been an excellent backup for the Miami Heat. The thought of the names they passed on brings a sickness to one’s stomach.

But getting back to Lee, what a terrible season he gave the team. To think the Celtics still have three more years left on his contract makes me want to leave the room and find the closest toilet. This guy is stealing money! Everyone spoke about his ability to hit three pointers, especially in the corner, but he did nothing as advertised and for most games he looked lost on the court. Lee better make improvements this summer to justify the deal the Celtics organization gave him. He really is a decent player, but he just showed no glimpses of that this past year. He needs to get back to his pre-Celtics days where he had the confidence to make plays when his team really needed them.


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