2013 NBA Playoffs: Could Vladimir Radmanovich Be A Wild Card For Chicago Bulls?

By Hollie M. Woods
Anthony Gruppuso – USA TODAY Sports

On a night when the Chicago Bulls needed as much offensive scoring as they could get, one possible extra scorer remained benched for the entire game. Who might this possible scorer be?

The answer is Vladimir Radmanovic. The Bulls were desperate, but there sat Radmanovic, waiting for the call from Coach Tom Thibodeau that never came.

Perhaps Coach Thibodeau forgot that in the only postseason game that Radmanovic played (Game 2 against the Miami Heat). He hit three 3-pointers in 10 minutes. Three 3-pointers in the only 10 minutes that he was in the game! This bench player could have helped the Bulls repel the onslaught of the Heat if only he had been given the chance.

It was good that Rip Hamilton got into the game to add some much-needed offense. Even so, in this Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Heat, the Bulls were dominated on both ends of the floor. They scored a total of 65 points, which is four points fewer than any Bulls team in a playoff game. They scored only nine points in the third quarter, had only 19 field goals and shot an abysmal 25.7 percent from the field. These lows were easily the worst performances in Bulls franchise history.

True, the Bulls were greatly hampered once again by illness and injuries: no Luol Deng, no Kirk Hinrich and no Derrick Rose.

All of this begs the question, why would Thibodeau not play someone who could possibly help the team offensively? Radmanovich has probably not been scouted by the Heat and that could be a huge plus. (Remember Linsanity and how much more effective Jeremy Lin was until opposing teams scouted him?)

Radmanovic could be a wild card for the Bulls when they try to stay alive in Game 5 on Wednesday in Miami. Coach Thibodeau, are you listening?

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