Milwaukee Bucks, Jerry Sloan Don't Seem Like Perfect Fit

By Andy Schmidt
Douglas C. Pizac-USA TODAY Sports

There are many coaches that I never thought would make a return to the NBA. The first name that came to my mind while thinking about this would be Jerry Sloan.

It appears, however, that Sloan may be getting back into the coaching game as the Milwaukee Bucks are “seriously” considering hiring him as their new head coach. I’m not sure this is the best idea but if they are looking to get one or two playoff seasons out of the current roster, it might be the right move to make.

Sloan is 71 years old, so he isn’t exactly a spring chicken. He has been out of the game for over two years now after resigning in 2011 after 23 seasons with the Utah Jazz. He has been considered for other jobs in the last two years, but Sloan has either pulled his name out of consideration or turned the job down.

That is what worries me about this. If he was serious about getting back into coaching, he would have taken one of those other jobs. Is it possible he still needed some time away? That is always a strong possibility but this may not be the right job either.

There will probably be a lot of player movement with the Bucks, and I expect that the team will try to re-sign either Brandon Jennings or Monta Ellis, but not both. It is quite possible that neither of those players comes back. That would leave a team that isn’t very playoff-worthy and one that Sloan isn’t going to get much out.

If both were to return though with Sloan as coach, the Bucks may be able to get somewhere. Milwaukee is thinking right with Sloan, but it may be a lost cause already.

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