Boston Celtics Can't Let Doc Rivers Walk

By Shannon Brown
Doc Rivers Head Coach
Mark L. Baer- USA Today Sports

It’s going to be a very busy offseason for Danny Ainge.

Ainge, the general manager of the Boston Celtics is going to have a lot of difficult decisions to make.  Should he blow up the team and rebuild? Or should he bring back his aging stars for one more run? Before he decides all that, Ainge needs to make sure he has the coaching situation figured out first.

Doc Rivers is signed up with the Celtics through 2016, but he always evaluates his desire to coach at the end of each season. If the Celtics were to choose to rebuild, there is a high chance that Rivers could leave, as he has already been through a rebuilding process with the Celtics.

This summer, Rivers will most certainly be linked to every coaching job that becomes available in the NBA. Stephan A. Smith has already linked him to the Brooklyn Nets‘ coaching position, and to the Los Angeles Clippers if they part ways with Vinny Del Negro. Danny cannot afford to let Rivers walk away, and he needs to do everything in his power to make sure he stays with the Celtics’ organization.

Doc has been with the Celtics when they were at their best and when they were at their worst. He is a player’s coach, his players trust in him and he is one of the reasons that players want to play in Boston. If Danny lets Rivers walk, it will be hard to replace him. The coaching pool is thin, and it’s very unlikely that Ainge would be able to lure Phil Jackson out of retirement.

Doc is one of the best coaches in the NBA, and he has been the best the Celtics have had in a long time. When comparing who the greatest coaches are right now in the NBA, Rivers is always at the top of the list next to Gregg Popovich.

It would be a devastating blow to the Celtics franchise if they were to lose Doc.

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