Memphis Grizzlies Claw Into Western Conference Finals

By andRe Christos Helios
Mark D. Smith-USA Today Sports

If you anticipated another Miami HeatOklahoma City Thunder showdown in the NBA Finals, you’ve been disappointed. Kevin Durant and OKC have been thunder struck — and yes, the pain is unbearable.

Making their first appearance in the Western Conference Finals, the Memphis Grizzlies mauled OKC in five games. This may come off as an upset to most, especially if you’re a part of the Thunder’s organization and its fans. In any event, Durant and the Thunder were a favorite in the Western Conference. In addition, many wanted to see a rematch between Durantula and the King, Lebron James.

Personally, I am neither upset or in awe. In the 2011 Playoffs, the Grizzlies defeated the San Antonio Spurs, who just happened to be the top seed. Their second-round matchup was none other than KD and the Thunder. Guess what? That series went seven games.

From that moment, I knew that the Grizzles had potential. I knew that the only thing they needed was a little more ferocity. They were fighters and that much was obvious in last year’s playoffs, but the circle is now complete — well, almost.

The Grizzlies had a feast, winning the series and eliminating the Thunder at home and in five games. Now they advance to the Western Conference Finals to face the Spurs.

Can the Grizzlies tear up the Spurs as they did OKC? Will the Grizzlies upset the Spurs as they did in 2011? The past is the past, but I will say this: the momentum is in Memphis’ favor and for many reasons.

Firstly, this is their first WCF appearance. This means that they are excited and electrified. They are pumped. The Memphis crowd will be boisterous as well. Secondly, the Grizzlies have just eliminated KD and the Thunder; as far as they’re concerned, they are ready to take on the world.

Lastly, competition is psychological. The Grizzlies have it in their mind that if they beat those guys once, they can beat them again.

I take the Grizzlies over the Spurs in seven games. Just remember that I said it first.

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