2013 NBA Draft: Could Michigan Point Guard Trey Burke Be The No. 1 Overall Pick?

By Paul Seaver
Jerry Lai-USA Today Sports

The 2013 NBA Draft Combine began on Thursday morning, but Michigan point guard Trey Burke did not participate in any of the drills that were ongoing.

From Burke’s perspective, there really wasn’t any need to — he’s going to be the top point guard taken on that final Thursday in June, so what does he have to prove? He just about showcased everything that he needed to during the Wolverines’ run to the national championship game two months ago.

Burke will be the top point guard off the board, but how about the thought of him being the top player off the board?

Some may call it crazy, but Burke is still a top five projection and based off of team needs following next Tuesday’s NBA Draft Lottery, the dominoes could fall into place. Burke, is not shying away from that potential either, saying on Thursday in a report from MLive.com, “I feel like I can be, absolutely. It depends on where the (lottery) balls drop, and depending on that team’s needs, I definitely feel like I can.”

Burke also added, “And I won’t disappoint.”

The 6-foot-1 point guard has always carried a chip on his shoulder and that approach to the game was on full display this past season when he earned a sweep of all of college basketball’s major Player of the Year awards.

Could Burke really be the No. 1 overall pick though?

Well, possibly — but it’s not likely.

Of the team’s slated in the top five (pre-lottery), the Charlotte Bobcats might be Burke’s best chance and it’s obvious that they can use help at a number of different positions, so Burke might not even be their best option if they win the lottery.

It’s a thought and one that Burke would embrace, but let’s pump the brakes on that rumor for the time being.


To learn more about Burke, check out his prospect profile.


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