Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant Should Tweet During Every NBA Playoffs Game

By Taylor Sturm
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers may have been swept in the first round of the 2013 Western Conference NBA Playoffs by the San Antonio Spurs, but the Lakers never stood a chance against the Spurs without Kobe Bryant. Bryant was injured at the end of the regular NBA season and had to cheer on the team from the sidelines. However, he caught quite a lot of criticism for his tweets during one of the games of the series.

Bryant tweeted advice to players on the court and his opinion on why the Lakers were losing the game. He would say things about how the Lakers did not pass inside to Pau Gasol and the poor starting play of Steve Nash, as well as the inability of Dwight Howard to box out in the paint.

Bryant agreed not to tweet for the rest of the series after that game.

However, he should have continued to tweet, and should continue to tweet during this season’s playoffs and future playoff series – even for teams that he doesn’t play for. His insight is interesting to both his fans and people who dislike him. It’s a unique perspective to see what a current player in the league is thinking of an NBA game as it happens rather than after.

His tweets were not only informative and eye-opening to the Lakers struggles, but comical as well. Bryant is a player who many think of as arrogant. To see him frustrated at his team’s poor play helped his own image in the eyes of the public.

Bryant plays hard every game all season long; who is he hurting if he wants to vent a little on a social media site?

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