Michael Jordan Should Not Change Charlotte Bobcats' Nickname

By John Raffel
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

If owner Michael Jordan had any common sense, he would drop any notion to having his Charlotte Bobcats change their nickname back to the Hornets.

There are reports that the franchise is considering going back to its old nickname from when the team was in Charlotte from 1988 to 2002. The Hornets went to New Orleans which changed its name to Pelicans.

There were also reports from the NBA front office that any changes in a nickname could take 18 months.

Hopefully by then, Jordan and Charlotte would drop this nonsense.

In professional sports, it’s far more sensible to name your team after a ferocious animal than a measly insect. How many other teams are named after insects in professional sports? Bees and Yellow Jackets, not to mention spiders, are more ferocious than Hornets, but not even those names are used. Those usually are left to high school athletic programs

The Bobcats’ logo is a good one, and the Hornets’ logo doesn’t make sense.

Going back to the old nickname suggests you’re going back to the old franchise which obviously is not the case. The Bobcats should have a separate identity than the team that was in Charlotte many years ago because that team is now gone. These are the Bobcats, not the Hornets, so changing back to an old nickname is simply confusing to fans when it comes to studying the history of their favorite NBA team.

New Orleans was smart to get rid of the Hornet nickname even though the Pelicans aren’t that much better. But Bobcats is perfect. Hopefully, Jordan and his staff will have the common sense to keep it.

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