Should the Oklahoma City Thunder Re-sign Kevin Martin?

By Jared Porter
Kevin Martin will be free agent
Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma City Thunder will have some difficult decisions to make going into the offseason, one of which is the free agency of their sixth man guard, Kevin Martin.

Martin was brought to Oklahoma City through the infamous James Harden trade just before the 2012-13 season’s start. Martin made $12.8 million this season and in some ways was a disappointment to Thunder nation.

There were high expectations for Martin once he was brought on board to the Thunder as he was unfairly given the task of filling the void which Harden had left. Even though he did a fairly decent job during the regular season of putting points on the board, he was very sporadic in the postseason, averaging 14 points off of just 38 percent shooting from the field.

Now that Martin will be agree agent this summer, the Thunder will likely not sign him for the same amount he was making this part season. With other players on the free agent market like J.R. Smith, O.J. Mayo, J.J. Reddick and others, it will be hard for Martin to get the big money he wants, especially after the somewhat dismal season he had this year.

Even with the absence of All-Star point guard Russell Westbrook, it was obvious for the Thunder that they needed another scorer on the team in the playoffs. Westbrook and Kevin Durant will put up their share of points next season, but it can be argued that the Thunder will need one more player on the team to contribute around 16 points a night in order to compete for an NBA championship.

You would think the Thunder’s general manager, Sam Presti, will put a lot of thought into his options this offseason. I do not think Martin is the player the Thunder need moving forward. He is a great player and respectable guy, but the Thunder will need more contributions offensively next year, and Martin will not be the answer.

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