Atlanta Hawks Rumors: Could Dwight Howard, Chris Paul Signings Be a Possible Scenario?

By Paul Seaver
Gary A. Vasquez-USA Today Sports

The rumors surrounding both Dwight Howard and Chris Paul are sure to cause a stir this off-season. In fact, the two are already dominating the rumor mill.

Just over the weekend, reports emerged that the Houston Rockets may be the favorite to land Howard, but in all, that’s just one option. Now, how about the Atlanta Hawks — could they pursue both Howard and Paul?

Well, according to Alex Kennedy of, it’s a possibility:

It’s an interesting option for the Hawks and considerably both Paul and Howard. While the Hawks’ name is sure to be in the mix, Atlanta hasn’t been that headline team leading the rumors. It’s been the Rockets and Dallas Mavericks that are keying the most talk and then of course, you can’t rule out either the Los Angeles Lakers (Howard) or Los Angeles Clippers (Paul) re-signing either player.

But let’s consider the possibility of Atlanta for both Howard and Paul for a second. It would seem that the only way the Hawks would be able to persuade them would be in package deal, so considering the fact that they can offer two max contracts, that’s certainly a good starting point. Atlanta has a number of free agents that are expected to hit the market this summer, most notably Josh Smith and Devin Harris. But a front court of Al Horford and Howard mixed in with Paul at the point guard spot would surely turn some heads in 2013-14.

It’s an interesting rumor and certainly a possibility, but this might take some serious persuading for the Hawks’ front office.


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