Brooklyn Nets Should Avoid Scott Skiles for Simple Reason

By Andy Schmidt
Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

There are always going to be reports and rumors that fly around this time of year about NBA teams looking for new coaches. The latest one comes from the Brooklyn Nets who are reportedly interested in having Scott Skiles become their new coach. The idea may seem sound on the surface, but there is one major problem with even thinking about having Skiles be the coach. That problem is the team’s point guard Deron Williams.

Williams is known as a player who wants to have things his own way and doesn’t like it when a coach doesn’t do what he wants. Skiles is known as a coach who doesn’t take anything from anyone and can be rough on whoever he is coaching. That sounds like a toxic combination to me and one that will never work. The reports also state that Skiles is the front-runner for the position. Is there no one in Brooklyn’s organization that knows what Williams is all about and how the two personalities don’t match up?

I’m sure there aren’t going to be many coaches that Williams will really want around unless his personality has changed in a big way. Brooklyn will just go ahead with this hire in all likelihood and it will also explode within a year or two. If that’s the way the Nets want to go about it, more power to them. I just don’t see it as a good idea, and hiring Skiles will come back to bite Brooklyn if they decide to do it in the end.

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