Houston Rockets Rumors: With Interest Rising, Dwight Howard Would Be Perfect Fit

By Paul Seaver
Robert Hanashiro-USA Today Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers acquired Dwight Howard last year, but things certainly did not work out during the 2012-13 season.

An early coaching change and continued postseason question marks dominated the regular season, while a late injury to Kobe Bryant ultimately derailed the Lakers’ hype as the No. 7 seed in the Western Conference. Now the Lakers — and Howard most notably — enter a postseason with increasing question marks.

According to reports from over the weekend, Howard isn’t a lock to return to Los Angeles by any means. I mean, should it really be all that shocking? Here’s a guy who has had rumor after rumor circulating around him since his time with the Orlando Magic and now that he’s finally a free agent — obviously he’s going to explore the market.

Well, there are two teams that have emerged as the headline figures within the rumor mill for Howard — the Houston Rockets and the Dallas Mavericks. While Dirk Nowitzki wants to help add some big names to the Mavericks this off-season, there are no guarantees. Howard and Chris Paul are obviously the two biggest names on the Mavericks’ radar this off-season, but what about the Rockets?

Well, Houston might be the best fit going for Howard and at the moment, the Rockets might appear to be the top team on that list. Howard’s presence inside could very well take the Rockets to another level (sorry Omer Asik). We saw the fight that Houston showcased despite their first round elimination just a few weeks ago. With James Harden leading the charge, the Rockets may be one step away from becoming a legitimate contender out west.

Howard could do that — and let’s be serious, he needs a fresh start because although the Lakers could have supplied that this past season, the drama only continued.


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