Indiana Pacers Have No Business Keeping Danny Granger Another Year

By Devin O'Barr
Danny Granger in action
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who has even the slightest case of short term memory loss has already forgotten what Danny Granger looks like in an Indiana Pacers uniform. Considering the “superstar” has only played in five games this season, it’s easy to forget what #33 looks like.

One thing that isn’t fading away is the five-year, $60 million contract that Granger signed with the Pacers back in 2008. Although he only averaged 5.4 points per game, Granger still pocketed over $13 million this season and is on the Pacers payroll for next year as well. This is where the folks of Indiana have to make a decision regarding what some people still call the “face of the franchise” in Indy.

With the rubber meeting the road, Indiana is left with three options — amnesty Granger’s $14 million, trade the small forward or let him return to the club and work towards an extension. Surely, the trade value that Granger once had has dropped significantly with a history of knee issues, especially since his patellar tendinosis has been a problem since last summer. At 30-years-old Granger has something to offer a lot of teams, yet the Pacers have proven they can win without him as they are four wins away from reaching the NBA Finals despite his absence.

The Portland Trail Blazers were linked to trade talks earlier this year, so don’t be surprised when teams come calling for the services of a once potent slasher. To be fair, Granger has given the Pacers a few great years, but the contract is an issue and Indiana could use that money to attain another swingman and bolster a lacking bench.

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