Kobe Bryant Comparison to Michael Jordan: Apples to Oranges

By Eric N. Ellington


H. Darr Beiser-USA TODAY Sports

Kobe Bryant thinks comparing himself to Michael Jordan is apples to oranges. That’s odd — Bryant mimicked his own game after the great MJ. So,I’m not quite sure why he believes this.

Could it be sour grapes? Bryant’s former coach Phil Jackson chose Jordan over him.

Both players play the shooting guard position, are about the same height and build and have similar stat lines.  Bryant alluded in this tweet that maybe people would perceive Jordan differently if he played with a dominant player like Shaquille O’Neal.

 The comparisons are #apples2oranges Wonder what the perception would be if M played wit @shaq instead #differentroles #differentcareerpaths

I don’t think it matters who Jordan played or didn’t play with. Jordan was the best player to ever play this game, and his 6-0 Finals record proves it. His career average of 30.1 points per game proves it (Bryant averages 25.5). His career playoff average of 33.1 points per game proves it (Bryant averages 25.6).

Jordan countless epic moments — his shot over Craig Ehlo and the famous cross-over followed by the game-winning basket over Byron Russell, the duels with Dominique Wilkins in the Slam Dunk Contest (the same competition LeBron James avoids) proves Jordan is the GOAT.

Kobe Bryant is heading towards the end of his career — probably is reflecting on his achievements and remembering how he wanted to eclipse all of Jordan’s records. Bryant said this himself. I know every bit of the Black Mamba wanted to go down as the best to ever play this game, and this latest Achilles injury has inevitably ended that very possibility.

Jordan never quit on his teammates. Jordan never lost in an NBA Finals. Jordan may have been the most relentless competitor we have witnessed in any major sport. Jordan is immortal in respects to the game of basketball. No one will ever come close — finishing second to him it one of the greatest compliments any player can ever receive.

Eric N. Ellington covers the Los Angeles Lakers for Rant Sports. Follow him at @EricNEllington

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