Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard Is About To Cue Up the Circus Again

By Kaylyn Neely
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

On July 1, the Los Angeles LakersDwight Howard becomes a free agent. And, according to a Sunday night report by CBS Sports, Howard intends to explore his options outside the Lakers.

It looks like the circus will be coming back to town this summer.

Howard is expected to seriously consider several teams, but he’s especially interested in the Houston Rockets. The competition to sign Howard will be steep. The Lakers can offer the most money, but Howard doesn’t really seem to enjoy playing in Los Angeles. He’s made it clear that his happiness will be his No. 1 concern.

The Los Angeles Clippers have shown interest in Howard, but they don’t have the optimal payroll situation to make a run at the maximum contract center. The chances of landing Howard weren’t great for them anyway. Howard likes to be liked, and probably couldn’t take the fallout of signing with “the other” team in Los Angeles while the Lakers are willing to welcome him back with open arms.

Imagine how mad Kobe Bryant would be?

The Rockets have plenty of salary to spend as they see fit, and they’ve proven that they’re willing to spend it. The Rockets signed both Jeremy Lin and James Harden to huge contacts to give the team some longevity. At this point, they have a great team, but are a piece away from being a serious team. Harden has hinted that he will try to recruit Howard when the time comes.

However, Houston won’t be the only city in Texas that Howard could end up calling home. The Dallas Mavericks are ready to rebuild and reloadDirk Nowitzki will take part in “pitching” for the first time this summer and he’s hoping that he can recruit a superstar. Plus, he’s willing to take a pay cut to make it happen.

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