Michael Carter-Williams Could Fill Guard Needs For Portland Trail Blazers

By John Raffel
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Trail Blazers might not have the man they want in the NBA draft when it’s their turn. Unless they get a favorable draw in the lottery, the Blazers might try to trade up for the player of their choice.

They may want to take a player like Michael Carter-Williams of Syracuse.

Names are being thrown around like cray on who the Blazers might want to take. Big men have been suggested to them so far and that might be the way they need to go. Carter-Williams has been ranked around 10th by many draft observers.

He may be worth taking and the Blazers could get as much value with a player like Carter-Williams than any other player they would have to trade for.

This doesn’t appear to be a draft with a couple of players standing head-and-shoulders above others. Making a trade to move up may not do a team like the Trail Blazers that much good.

Carter-Williams could be the real deal.

Reports from the NBA combine over the weekend in Chicago say that Carter-Williams drew a lot of favorable attention and his stock went up significantly. At 6’6”, he seems to do as well as the other guards. So, if the Blazers are thinking guard, Carter-Williams, if he’s going to be available, is worth taking another look at. He had success in helping the Orangemen get to the NCAA Final Four and is a proven winner. That’s another quality the Trail Blazers would like.

Carter-Williams isn’t the best guard in the draft, but he’s not that far away, and Portland should keep that in mind if a guard is No. 1 on their list.

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